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Japanese | "Happiness inviting" mysterious poet Kazuma's autograph poet (A4 size)

"Happiness inviting" mysterious poet Kazuma's autograph poet (A4 size)



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The mysterious poet "Wellcomeed Happiness" of words given to you of Kazuma (A4 size)

It is a word that brings happiness.
From the person who purchased it, I was thinking that happiness really came and I started selling it.
Mr. Kazuma, a mysterious poet, writes with all my heart, so surely he will bring in happiness. Please decorate and bring in happiness!
You can choose from among the following combinations of the color of the mount and the color of the letters.
When there is no designation, we will send it with mount: black x letters: gold.

Color mount: Black × Character: Gold
Mount: Red × Character: Gold
Mount: White × Character: Black

Work 210 x 297 (mm)
Frame 330 × 450 (mm)

※ We will give you time to ship in order to make a work production after confirming your order.
※ Products will be shipped with the work put in the forehead.
* Please understand that there may be cases where the forehead and color of the image are different.
Prices include expenses other than shipping costs.

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